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Breast Cancer Treatment

June 15, 2011 By: pravakar Category: Cancer

Hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the four category of breast cancer treatment. You can stop or improve breast cancer if you can detect and diagnose in early stage. 

Breast Cancer Treatment

Modern science suggest eat fresh green vegetables, fruits, everyday exercise and stay away from alcohol to stop breast cancer. When you realize lump in breast immediate meet doctor to detect cancer, you will get 40% chance to cure

5% breast cancer causes from family history. If any member including your mother or sisters, definitely you will face breast cancer in any age. Hormone replacement therapy decrease breast cancer risk, based on cancer growth in breast.

If tumor is detected in breast pathologist and other necessary treatment require. Most of case we have seen lump completely vanish and need biopsy apply in breast to locate lump. Doctor suggest lumpectomy if your lump turn into cancer, and identified by radiation therapy.

If the cancer already stretches other organs of body, lymph nodes remove in lump, lymph nodes located in beneath breastbone and above collar bone. Reconstruction surgery needed if breast cancer involves in mastectomy. Patient undergoes home replacement therapy after surgery completed.

Tamoxifen like home replacement therapy reduce 40% chance of breast cancer risk. Home replacement therapy contains antiestrogenic used as protect to tumors.

Chemotherapy kills growing cancer cells in breast and 10% cure rate develop. All cancer cells dies through radiation therapy and patient need after breast cancer surgery to kill lumpectomy.

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