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Distinguishing Between Ectopic Pregnancy and Tubal Pregnancy

February 26, 2011 By: pravakar Category: Pregnancy

Pregnant women face severe disorder during ectopic pregnancy and tubal pregnancy. A pregnant women most to know the difference between these two pregnancy.

Distinguishing Between Ectopic Pregnancy and Tubal Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy:  Some case women rare face early pregnancy whiles the united sex cell unable to enter into the uterus in normal manner.  As a result the unborn baby starts its growth in the uterus outside area, the area where united sex cells occur to cottage. In this situation fertilized egg embeds itself and grows outside instead uterus inside. In few cases ectopic pregnancy can happen in ovary also.
Tubal Pregnancy :  Tubal pregnancy also consider as one type of ectopic pregnancy, in this condition, fertilized egg grows in oviducts of pregnant women, in tubal pregnancy stage egg unable to enter into uterus. Pelvic infection is the common reasons of tubal pregnancy as result pregnant women oviduct fetching swollen and tapering; the fertilized egg is incapable to pass during lingering oviduct part.

Patient should be treated without delay in tubal pregnancy. In order to prevent the oviduct beginning breaking or bleeding from tube, surgery is most necessary. Or else uterus tissues in oviducts are very difficult to stretch. Therefore, after first pregnancy trimester, the unborn baby has growth in such a place that it sources the oviduct to rupture, hence the pregnant women face server hemorrhage.

Through Abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, pregnant women can know whether or not she is in tubal pregnancy stage because abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are the two major symptoms of tubal pregnancy. Pregnant women can stop the risk of these pregnancies through IUD.

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