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How to Prevent a Skin Rash Beneath the Breasts

April 02, 2011 By: pravakar Category: Disease

Women having large size breast always face rash beneath their breast during summer seasons. Unfortunately some women knows how handles this problem whereas others don’t know as result continuously feeling breast pain, pain, burning, redness and itching.

Skin Rash Beneath the BreastsSkin rash beneath the breast is on going problem for most of women and create different type of irritating trouble, to overcome this problem require extra care, even though large breasted women convicts sever irritating problem but they can easily solve or stop rash beneath their breast. In this some process has mentioned, you may apply it.

Preventive Statement – By taking help of medical treatment you can cure any type of sever, non sever skin rash beneath the breast. Have you any idea about home treatment process to avoid permanently the disease skin rash beneath your nice looking breast without taken doctor advice, if you don’t know then read below steps and apply now.

Wear accurately Fitting Bras – Non fitting bras always make skin rash underneath the breast and irritation. Wear tight fitting or accurate size of bra according to your breast size as tight fitting bras help your breast to stay constant. Wrong size of underwear bars are mainly cause of irritating, so avoid it, if you unable to know your breast size bras visit your nearest lingerie shop and ask there bras expert, they will give you right bras which suit your breast.

Wash Bras Regularly – Most of women wears same bra for a days or two days without washing. In order to prevent rash beneath the breast you shouldn’t use more then twice before washing. In summer season bacteria and fungus occurs in bra, once the same bra wear, the fungus and bacteria easily comes with touch your sensitive breast skin as result causes itching, rash and may also sever skin infections. Hence avoid use one bra throughout day, changes 2 or 3 bra entire day. Always wash bra in hot water and dry it. Don’t forget use soap in bath and dry your breast skin after bathing or showering before wearing bra.

Wear Pure Lanolin Bra – always purchase bra which makes on pure lanolin materials. This category of bra gives fantastic comfortable irritated or split nipples of breastfeeding mothers. Pure lanolin bra carry waterproof barrier of defense and sound healthy for skin. Always wear any bra after complete wash and dry. The benefit of using pure lanolin bra that it immediate stops any types of itching and burning, and it gives smooth comfortable. You can realize the result and skin condition within 24 hours of wearing.

Foot Powder for the Breasts

If you feel uncomfortable wearing of steamy pure lanolin bra, use foot power in breast skin. Foot powder always gives good result in case of skin rash beneath the bra because mainly food powder contains the ability of absorbing moisture and contains anti-fungal components.

When you want to use foot powder underneath the breast skin be sure your breast should be washing properly and completely drying in breast skin area. You can also use absorbent powder.

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