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How to Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer

August 19, 2011 By: pravakar Category: Cancer

reduce risk of lung cancer

reduce risk of lung cancer

Lung cancer  is one of the deadliest cancers in today busy world, every year killing more than two million across the globe. Unlike other cancers it is extremely preventable as smoking is one of the major causes of this disease. The growth rate of lung cancer is very slow and not diagnose until too late, understanding the risk cause of lung cancer and what step require to reduce risk of lung cancer is very important to live healthy long life.

Aside from smoking, various other adjustable risk causes diagnosed as covering links with lung cancers. Here we are discussing about some essential steps that helps to prevent the lung cancer develop.

- Avoid Smoking.

According to cancer organization you will able to reduce risk of developing lung cancer as soon as stop smoking, though period of smoking and the force of smoking would still create you to suffer more risk compare to a non-smoker. Also research proved significant reduce develop of lung cancer among second hand smoker by preventing passive smoking.

- Test and take evaluates to lessen the radon indoors levels.

Several researches has proved that the radiations indoor levels material radon could raise the possibility of improving lung cancer and hence if you are living in the places that surround more radon material in soil then test the indoor level of this materials to prevent a likely above the exposure.

- Stop Exposure to Environment Pollutants.

You can face higher risk of lung cancer by nitrous oxide, diesel fumes, lingering publicity and other ecological pollutants and hence try to avoid as per as possible necessary that means at workstations, colleges, schools, neighborhoods and also in home.

- Prevent Disclosure to Industrial Chemical Components

The industrial chemical components like silica, metallic dust, asbestos, etc can lead to improvement of lung cancers in case of delayed breathing and hence such type of chemical industry must take essential preventative measure to protect their employees from having exposed to these ingredients

- Eat Healthy Food

In order to avoid risk of lung cancer you have to add several different fresh fruits and green vegetable as much as possible.

- Spend one hour on Everyday Exercise

Exercise keep your body system healthy and prevent growth of cancer cells in your lung system. So you need to spend minimum one hour in exercise every day. But don’t forget to maintain healthy diet.

Apart from eating healthy foods and regular exercise you should spend more time on research to find out other risk factors links in developing lung cancer and also prevention steps.

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